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Argus - Starting Lineup - Now Available!

Welcome to Varsity Records, home of independent music from the Pacific Northwest. We have spent the last decade hidden away in the desert of central Washington state, promising to deliver music from Argus and other Central Washington area bands... finally, in 2009 we are making your wildest dreams come true with a long-awaited recording from Argus and a barrage of new merchandise.

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New Web Site, New Album!!!

Friday, November 13 2009

Argus - Starting LineupIt's your lucky day, people! It's Friday the 13th, and the debut full-length album "Starting Lineup" from Argus is available as of today! We're only shipping old-fashioned CDs for the time being, but we hope to be selling MP3s via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more in the very near future. To order a CD, Click Here.

The new web site will allow quicker updates for stuff like News, Demo Songs and merchandise, so stay tuned for clips from all 14 tracks on the new Argus album. To preview 5 of them today, check out Argus on Myspace.

Other features worthy of an honorable mention: News RSS... you can subscribe to our news updates via RSS starting today. Don't know what RSS is? You can still sign up for our email list by Clicking Here.

Argus CD Release Show in Ellensburg

Friday, November 13 2009

Saturday, November 21st, Argus will join Tacoma's $2000 Puma on stage for a CD release show. Hosting this event is Ellensburg, Washington's newest venue RAW Space.

Event Details:

Time: 8pm

Cost: $5

Location: RAW Space (119 East Fourth Ave in Ellensburg, WA)

Details: ALL AGES

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